Charles Preston

In the construction field, calculations are never just a side thought. Rather, they are central to each and every job that you take on.

You cannot work with confidence unless you know you are working with precision and accuracy. This applies to a bookshelf just as much as it does to a bathroom renovation or a new home construction. Jobs big and small demand your attention, and just as importantly, they demand your care.

You cannot carelessly work on any improvement or construction job and not expect to run into trouble. We are here to support you every step of the way, sharing our experience with builders in order to help you do your best work every time you pull out your tools and start planning a job.

Using our construction calculators, you get the assurance that you are not operating based on guesses or rough estimates but on calculations that are checked and double-checked algorithmically.

Our Responsibility

Very often when you are working in construction, you are working on projects that people will rely on to stay alive. Homes, hospitals, and other buildings, there is essentially zero room for error in these construction projects. That responsibility is yours, but when you use our construction calculators, we take on a share as well.

Our Approach

While we take a logical and systematic approach to developing of our calculators, we are much more holistic in deciding which calculators to develop, looking at the big picture of the construction industry and figuring out what you need as you plan out your construction jobs. Thus, our approach is really two-fold: instinctive first and then analytical.

Our Vision

We see a world in which construction jobs are always precise. When you use our calculators, you are helping us to carry that vision out, making our dreams into reality just by running your project smoothly! We understand how important accurate, precise calculations are, and we want you to succeed in every project you take on.

Who We Want to Help

Who We Want to Help

We are here to serve all construction professionals. If you put a hammer to a nail or a wrench to a nut, our construction calculators are for you. This is a service crafted with you in mind!

Our Mission

Our mission is always clear and straightforward in our minds: to make your life easier.
Construction professionals ourselves, we recognize that stress and challenges are never far off.
It is our goal to minimize the stress and challenges that are unavoidable and to help you bypass everything else (such as guess work and manual calculations).


Our team of construction professionals is here to serve you, helping you to achieve the levels of accuracy and precision that you need in order to complete all your construction projects perfectly.

Charles Preston Editor